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Post-It Results…Gen X in One Word

Engaging.  Insightful.  Introspective. Enlightening.  DJ.  Soundtrack.  Toys. 

Not your typical AAM session!!

If you joined AAM in Minneapolis this year, a group of people, led by Jennifer Caleshu of the Bay Area Discovery Museum, spent some time discussing GEN X in museums (and beyond!).  It was an amazing hour and fifteen minutes of sharing, listening, questioning and rocking out to the best GenX playlist ever created!  Participants in the session were asked to take a Post-It and write down Gen X in “One Word” or their favorite band.  Here are the results (in no particular order): 

Gen X in One Word:







World May Blow Up!

Latch Key Kid





Gen X Bands/Musicians:

Ben Folds Five

Bon Jovi

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin


Joy Division

Jeffrey Foucault


Van Halen

English Beat

Beastie Boys

Jack Johnson

Dave Matthews

Thee Oh Sees



What would you add to the lists?  Comments?  

2 responses to “Post-It Results…Gen X in One Word

  1. Pragmatic. Yes, definitely pragmatic. Or realistic. Jaded? Oops, up to three words . . .

  2. Frank K ⋅

    No Nirvana and Pearl Jam?!

    I would also add: TwentySomething (and now ThirtySomething)

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