Smells Like Pioneer Spirit: Isolation & Innovation

Because many of you attended #AAM2012 in Minneapolis you know that its Minnesota Museum Month this May. I have been visiting a Museum-A-Day to contribute to bring awareness to the 600+ museums in my home state, with aprox 60 in my local metropolitan area.  You all came here and loved it- I heard all weekend how you loved our museums and the food and how cool it was. Yes, Having the most museums per capita is amazing but because I live here I have always had the perspective that Im supposed to move to New York or California to “make it”… and living in MN is like living in the middle of nowhere.  So with that feeling I thought of what pioneers GenXers are known for being and went to visit a museum out in the middle of nowhere to deeper embrace my Minnesota Museum culture.  I went out to rural MN and had a profoundly successful museum experience and also found parts of my identity there.  I learned more about the feminine identity of the 19th century and felt that I could relate with them by being isolated and innovative. I also learned that I love where I am…even in seemingly the middle of nowhere! GenX smells like Pioneer Spirit!

Please read about how a GenX finds herself at the farm.

This is one of my first blog posts on museums.

Let me know I’m not alone out here..

–Paige Dansinger  @museumpaige