A GenXSays Tribute to MCA / The Beastie Boys / Adam Yauch

Paige Dansinger says:

Let’s make a Beastie Boys tribute like you did the GenX “mixed-tape” .. Wonder if we are feeling collectively blue… Maybe each send in a favorite song Jen?

Netty’s Girl: Oh Georgie Girl you are the one… You really got your shit together o o o Georgie Girl you are so fine…
I named my best-ever dog Georgie Girl. She was a mastiff-lab and certainly saved my life a few times.. Georgie Girl was a real good dog. She was the one and her shit was together..

James Leventhal says:

I tried to think up a Beastie Boys song that means the most to me and what resonates is Brass Monkey.  Wait: Shake Your Rump…I mean, Sabotage.  And, y’know, so I took a moment to try and look up some lyrics to quote and a I realized a barely know a word.  Maybe like REM’s Murmur, it’s all about the feel.  The deep feeling.  It is all about creating a new sound for a now sound.  And where REM might have been a brilliant amalgam of several threads of mountain sounds of Appalachia, the Beastie Boys felt the concrete.  These are songs that make me feel greater than I am, transcendent.  Or, y’know what?  How about you just play all of Paul’s Boutique and let it roll…aw, man, take me back to 1989.  And this ain’t no joke.  This is about life and death, y’all. “If you can feel what I’m feeling then it’s a musical masterpiece. But if you can hear what I’m dealing with then that’s cool at least. What’s running through my mind comes through in my walk. True feelings are shown from the way that I talk. And this is me, y’all-I M.C., Y’all my name is M.C.A. and I still do what I please…”

Jennifer Caleshu says:

no sleep till brooklynI didn’t know I knew the Beasties so well until MCA died. Then I went back and realized I could quote verbatim all the lyrics on Licensed to Ill. And since I was 10 when it came out, it must have been through osmosis – I certainly didn’t buy the album when it was released (In 1987 I admit to Tiffany, Whitney Houston, Debbie Gibson and Belinda Carlisle!) But I went to an amazing summer camp (Four Winds Westward Ho) where the super-creative counselors came up with a skit called The Craftos singing “She’s Crafty“. And later I remember the senior boys singing “Candy! All I really want is candy! In the morning it’s candy! Cause in the evening it’s candy!” instead of “Girls!” And this kind of pop culture osmosis continued – of course through Sabotage (one of the best music videos ever) to inkjet printing a tshirt in 2005 for my newborn son that said “No Sleep Till Brooklyn!”

Jason B. Jones says:

The wackiness and creativity of the Beastie Boys always kept me enthralled. Especially the “incident” at 1994 MTV Video Music Awards – where Adam Yauch’s “uncle”, Nathaniel Hornblower, stormed onstage during the presentation of the Best Direction in a Video award (Sabotage had just lost):

Awesome. Afterward, Adam Yauch was apologetic . Stage storming rules, though – and it even happened in the GenX session at AAM. Wackiness and creativity abounded in their videos, too. Sabotage for one. Body Movin for another, and one of my faves. Enjoy!

Adrianne Russell says:

Three MC’s and One DJ:

An essential, no-frills, hip hop love letter.

Amparo Leyman says:

In my case the BB gave me, inherit the anthem:
you’ve got to fight for your right to party“, again the treasure to work to live…what a blessing…believe me, I fight a lot to got my right to party….
Sent from a club partying at the Bay Area