On May 2, 2012, we realized we were not alone.

To the sounds of Pavement and the Pixies, we gathered at the American Association of Museums annual conference for the session Generation X Transforming: New Paths, New Perspectives. Not your typical conference dog-and-pony-show, but an outpouring of truth to power to the soundtrack of our youth.

Now we continue the conversation. How will we take the stage when the light shines so brightly on the generation ahead of us (Boomers) and behind us (Gen Y)? What does leadership by Gen X look like? What kind of lives do we want to lead? What organizations will we create? What are the questions we need to ask ourselves and our compatriots?

To the barricades, Gen X! Let us fulfill our promise!

If you want to join us as a contributor, email contact@genxsays.com. We welcome all voices.

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