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Hip or About to Break a Hip? or, We’re still cool, right? RIGHT?

According to a recent New York Times Styles article, the skateboard is the “little red sports car” of choice for aging Gen Xers going through a midlife crisis. But is a 45-year-old pursuing a dangerous sport more embarrassing and risky, or inspiring and life-affirming?

As the sport, born itself in the 1960s, reaches middle-age, should its original constituency pass the baton or rage on?

Is there “there is nothing sadder than an aging hipster” (Lenny Bruce) or is it still cool to shred even if you’re losing your hair?

Personally I think it’s still cool. But maybe that’s cause I’m able to fit into the ironic t-shirts I buy for my 7-year-old son. Which may not be a good idea either. But you’d tell me that, right? RIGHT!?

2 responses to “Hip or About to Break a Hip? or, We’re still cool, right? RIGHT?

  1. I took up skiing at 33. It also prompted me to get health insurance… in case I break a hip. Aren’t Gen Xers all about living life, and continuing to challenge ourselves. And as we get older, isn’t the hard challenge just not falling down?? I say shred on!! I’ll still be doing backcountry skiing into July. **throws horns**

  2. JenniferVH ⋅

    So, I decide to pick up biking and long distance biking at that, at the tender age of 39. Never thinking of myself as an athlete, suddenly I feel like I need to conquer this, training, getting the gear, enjoying it. Facing down 471 miles in seven days on the 40th ride of the Register’s Great Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa (best known as RAGBRAI). Even the ride is middle aged.

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