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Games for Greater Social Consciousness

I just have a quick minute to write. I have to quick get ready for my 12 year old’s graduation from Hebrew School. I drove him twice a week for the last many years and not sure he really got anything out of it to be honest… Obviously I don’t need to tell you how uninspiring Hebrew School is..

However, if his classes were taught on iPads with games full of incentives to learn to make better choices, not repeat history, give back and think more selflessly then perhaps Jewish art history may be a perfect agent for teaching with social consciousness.

Imagine Games Like: Recover the 14thC Treasure Trove from the Plague Riots, Uncover the Roman Mosaic, Find the Nazi Looted Art, Protect the Cultural Property, Holocaust Memory Game, Shine the Holiday Silver.. its endless how many ways to engage people through games.

I know that tonight every kid graduating Hebrew School would have a deeper sense of identity and commitment to their cultural community if they all had iPads with Jewish art history games on them..But even greater then the kids liking Hebrew School, perhaps Jewish art history games could contribute to preventing a future genocide.



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Fine Artist - Art Historian - Innovations I'm going to peruse a PhD in Digital Innovations and create Immersive Exhibitions and Mobile Museum Experiences with lots of cool games for Jewish art history.

One response to “Games for Greater Social Consciousness

  1. I definitely think you’re onto something here. Games are a great way of introducing and discussing subjects that are essential and thorny and challenging but absolutely necessary.

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