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“You are a part of the first global workforce that contains members of FOUR generations.”

How many generations do you see at your museum or organization? We’re hiring an intern this summer who is 18 (still Gen Y) and we have one staff member who is in her 70’s (which makes her a Traditionalist). As a children’s museum we probably skew younger in staff than other museum types.

Do any of you ‘reverse mentor’? What does that look like – more than giving Facebook tips to Boomers, right?

Incidentally, when will Gen Z get old enough to give themselves a moniker?

Collaboration across four generations

2 responses to “Collaboration across four generations

  1. jennifervh ⋅

    If the next generation is starting at 2000 (where’s the cut off point) they’ll start reaching the age of majority by 2018. That would be my children. Yikes! But will they make the moniker, or will we start by giving them one?

    These are kids who are suprised by phones and TVs with dials, or even phones with cords, can’t really remember VCRs and videotape, who can’t remember videos being done by video cameras bigger than your hand, think of CDs as we think of records (I have a Purple Rain single 45 and a Mickey single 45), probably haven’t seen a cassette tape, can’t imagine the world without an internet or a computer in nearly every home or access to it at school. Pong is so ancient and texting comes naturally. So does keyboarding, which started in kindergarten. These are the digital natives, even more so than Gen Y.

  2. JennX

    I think they’re going to give themselves the moniker – probably the first generation to do so – because they are such digital natives. They will be speaking publicly for themselves – they have the channel to broadcast that no other generation did.

    Think about the boomers – they changed youth culture, but it wasn’t until they could get out of their houses and took to the streets as late-teenagers that that could happen.

    This new generation – they’re already on the internet. They have digital trails. Yikes. It’s my kids too (b. 2005 and 2008).

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